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Behind any brand is the story of the entrepreneur who has somehow found an ungrateful path ... and reached it up here. And from here on, doesn't know where else. Before? To the left? Or right? What's the good way?

Behind every brand is the man who had an idea. And she did not hold her hand in her breast but implemented it. As he knew. And it's not wrong. It's very good. We all have ideas. But few come to implement them.

It's his story. Initial ... or, most of the time, the one adapted to what happened to him good or crazy. It's his story and we choose to be part of it. It's a story told in a language with archaisms. Sometimes at a nice office. Sometimes in an auspicious office. Cramped. With a chair brought from the office next door. A heated office. Sometimes not. A story told on a working day. But it can also be on a holiday day. Or a Saturday. That's when the entrepreneur takes time to take care of his brand, that is, his story. Branding is not a priority. Because production goes. The sales are the same. generates cash. He has what to pay for his gifts, the employees. So branding does not burn. He knows he helps him in the future. That his competitor may have a better picture. As he implemented some ideas he had and maybe he even told someone to a beer. And the other one implemented them before him. And it hurts him. But it does not have time for branding ... It's always more important and burning. And business goes well.

It's a story in space and time. That's how we learn the geography of Romania. Distances. Time spent in the car. Places to the next gas station. This is the true map of the Romanian brands. And it seems as though we remember the geography teacher who took us to Zamca to show us the Bucovina Obzor and the beech forests around Suceava. Few experential lessons. But memorable.

We like every man we talk about because no story is the same with the other. But they all have something in common. It fascinates us. That's what we're looking for! Fascination. And that's why we treat every project with the utmost care. No matter how small they are. We dream of catching all these stories, once in a retirement, in a collection of brands. And everyone will have his page. Because the brands are about stories, emotions. It creates nostalgia over time. And beautiful memories. And we're glad to have met hundreds of stories so far and we're waiting for you in the book of beautiful brands.


Daniel Nicolae
Co-founder & Managing Partner

O sa para amuzant, insa am reusit sa apreciez nevoia de branding la a 3-a companie creata. Cred ca cel mai mult am invatat din greseli, iar in opinia mea componenta de branding facuta la inceput nu doar ca iti va elimina mari batai de cap mai tarziu, dar iti va aduce o incredere suplimentara din partea clientilor si partenerilor.

Ne-am cunoscut cu INOVEO la recomandarea unui client de-al lor. Feedback-ul lui a fost atat de convingator incat astazi, dupa prima colaborare cu INOVEO, inteleg perfect.

Noi suntem un startup, nu putem spune ca am facut o tender si ca INOVEO a fost castigatorul raportat la anumite criterii clasice. Pentru noi criteriile au fost mult legate de oameni, abordarea lor, caldura si rabdarea lor in a intelege si creiona o strategie impreuna cu un startup, insa e drept ca am luat in calcul si portofoliul existent. Au contat de fapt doua componente: 1. Increderea primita la nivel personal; 2. Faptul ca urma sa facem tot proiectul folosing o metodologie clara. Procesul a descurs conform planului. Importanta a fost si disponibilitatea noastra in echipa cat mai completa conform calendarului, ceea ce am si reusit. Cu toate ca ne-am propus un caledar destul de strans am reusit sa-l respectam.

Rezultatul este wow si ne confera incredere deplina asupra intregului concept Innoship. Brandingul vine ca un nivel suplimentar de maturitate ceea ce pentru noi, echipa Innoship, este in directa legatura cu abordarea noastra persoanala cat si de business.

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Patisseries Gourmandes

Ana Bazga
National Manager

When I decided to make a brand of Gourmandes Patisseries for Romania, I did not know where to start and who to work with, so I went with dozens of agencies until we reached Dochita - I found INOVEO on Google and I liked their portfolio. I was already accustomed to the classic pattern of meeting with the agency and I was pleasantly surprised by the change - a human approach, a discussion focused on the project's understanding and not the signing of the contract - was the first meeting of the brand, of the back process , about a method. We chose to work together because I felt like here at INOVEO, my brand will not be a colorful logo but it will be a well-thought-out story. And I was right.

The creative process was a very exciting one in which I was involved with weekly updates and I saw, together with the team, how the brand was out in front of us. It's almost magical when you think that we have arrived in the agency with a brief shortcut and that's why things have evolved and shaped out what POFTIS is now - a fresh and playful snacking brand that keeps its French essence.

Since then, nearly two years have passed since we continued to work together - for both POFTIS and adjacent projects of the company. Some are simple and happen quickly, others take more time and more feedback but one thing is constant: it's always a discussion with constructive feedback and a good collaboration between us.

On today's super-competitive market, the brand is essential in all areas of business, and at INOVEO you will find a structured process that tells you the story and a talented team that puts it in pictures ready to be sold to your customers.

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Eduard Petrescu

We were looking for a branding agency to help us create a new product, unique to the Romanian market, namely bicycle advertising.

We have been working for more than 10 years in the indoor advertising industry, but for a new project we needed first of all the brand identity expertise. We simply could not start something new without a correct image that propelled our product.

Before making the decision to collaborate with Dochita Zenoveiov and the INOVEO team, I had meetings with two other branding agencies, but the first meeting was with Dochita, which brought me clarity and confidence that things will be in good hands. : )

Dochita is the kind of person who intuitively intuites and synthesizes both image and business needs, and then translates these ideas into tangible things with her team.

Bikevertising, which means advertising on bikes, was supposed to be cool as a picture and professional as execution; is a promotional tool that, besides its purpose of being effective, visible, eco-friendly, also has the bonus mission, say, to spark a smile in the corner of your mouth when you meet on the street with advertising bikes.

INOVEO is the kind of flexible agency that takes brilliant ideas and the inspiring way of being Dochita, embracing unpredictable ways when designing a brand identity.

Good brands are those who get to be loved by people, and INOVEO has the "know how" to take a firm name or just an idea and set it on a path to success.

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Sorina Bucuras

We work with world-class companies that have chosen us because we are good and very good in textiles. Excellency defines us. But I always felt I had to prove that because our image did not say the excellence I felt. We had to supply the brand with arguments, reports and not only, which cost us time and money .... until we come to meet INOVEO.

Through an interactive process based on workshops at our headquarters in Focsani, our entire team of engineers, designers, designers, foremen and department chiefs have brought us the essence. When we presented the two creative variants, we found them right away. We decided on the spot. Including the prints made through them defines us. Now I have that trust in excellence since I stretched my business card at the first meeting. It seems trivial, but so important in our industry.

I recommended them. Work with them too!

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Monica Dona
Coordonator Marketing

I saw INOVEO again during Austral's Anniversary pitch. We've worked with them before on a piece of the Lugera-The People Republic rebranding project and I did not hesitate for a second to invite them to the creative negotiation table.

The expectations were great this time: maximum creativity, reasonable budget and specialists who know what, when and how in branding. It was extremely important for us to have chemistry with the agency and to know that we can rely on them anytime. I have seen this since the pitch. They quickly understood our need and flipped perfectly on expectations, and then almost did not feel we were working with an agency. We had our own branding department that responded promptly and creatively to all the challenges we were launching.

I'm proud of the project, it was a wonderful experience and I'm glad we could work with INOVEO.

I highly recommend for creativity, the ability to understand brands and to place them effectively in both internal and external communications, for the delicacy with which he manages the relationship with the client and the conscientiousness with which he engages in each stage of the project.

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Megagen Romania

Claudiu Chiru
Director Executiv

Following discussions with Megagen shareholders, it was clear that we needed a change in how we communicate and how we looked and we were reporting to the industry we were operating in. We decided to take a bold step, becoming the first dental implant company in Romania to launch a patient education campaign with partners of dentists.

Our goal is to awaken in the patient's mind the need for information and awareness of the need to improve oral health. For this, the patient needs to contact the dentist!

Easy to say, but quite difficult to turn these ideas into reality, we had two lines of communication - the medical environment where things are clear and rigorous, and that of the recipient of the products and the medical act - the patient.

Here INOVEO appeared to the scene ...

After the first discussions it was clear that the challenge was in line with Inoveo's professionalism. Discussions followed, focus groups with patients and doctors, internal workshops, training sessions, all to realize the complexity of the message that will be transmitted inside and outside Megagen.

Initially, there were two creative routes, in the choice of the final version we weighed the way in which medical communication should be approached and here I refer to clarity and objectivity. This route, in turn, was divided into two lines of communication, one for medical staff and one for patients.

Due to the clarity of the INOVEO message, the decision was taken quickly, the solutions received were in line with the brief and we went to the next steps. The spot was made with a professional shooting team at the recommendation of INOVEO and the result can be seen in the quality of the TV spot.

The end result was as expected and the action was well received by dentists and patients!

We are aware and grateful that working with INOVEO as a branding agency has added value to Megagen and we believe that in the development process of each company it is vital to choose reliable partners to get the results you want!

If INOVEO were not in the same room with me, I would just say so - a trustworthy partner!

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First Bank

Loredana Antohi
SR. Advertising Coordinator

I admit that before starting the Rebranding project, I did not know who Dochita Zenoveiov or the INOVEO team was.

But I became curious … besides a name that is not a common one, I wondered: “What is INOVEO?” And I found out! Not asking questions or looking for articles about them, but from practice. Because practice kills us. Literally! Therefore, in a short time, we had to convey a complex brief for Dochita, which in time became even more complex.

Because I’ve learned that apart from ID Manual, there is so much branding material that you need in a Rebranding process: branch panels, walkways, luminous boxes, totems, materials for the various events we’ve been attending with new logo (visual stand, roll-up banners, spiders, leaflets, promotional materials) etc.

It was an alert period, hard work, briefings and overnight presentations. We appreciated the professionalism of the entire INOVEO team, the promptness and especially the understanding they showed. Nevertheless, I do not think we have finished a quarter of our projects so far …

And what I mostly appreciated was that although the project had ended after the contractual period when I phoned Dochita and told her that in practice we had a problem and that their examples could help us in the future, she did not say no. On the contrary! She set up a meeting where all the people involved in the project were present, we debated the issues and added the examples in the ID Manual. Although I point out: the project had ended for some time!

So it’s great to know that you can always rely on a collaborator!

I recommend INOVEO to any company that is going to be in a Rebranding process and not only, and for this project, I will call it INOVEto (Veto for Innovation)!

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Dan Pascu

The INOVEO team has captured my attention at a BVB Branding and Brand Identity seminar. Actually I went especially to meet them, though they did not know that.

As they approached the topics in this seminar, I realized that it was not a team that stayed in one man, each member had an area that he covered very well. We then understand that brand development is a complex process, not at all left to the inspiration of the moment, and that the INOVEO team approaches this process in a clear and structured way.

I wanted to know them better (what we did) and we worked together to brand a fresh start-up (Abylo) from the group of companies I represent. I think it's hard for the solutions presented to please everybody from the beginning, but I was impressed by the flexibility / adaptability of the INOVEO team to find solutions every time I twisted a little. Finally, I have come to an excellent result and I think they have been able to capture perfectly Abylo DNA, why it exists and what its mission is.

What I recommend to other partners is that Branding and Brand Identity will not reinvent the wheel and wait for a moment of inspiration (as we say: sit on the edge of a mountain lake and listen to Baroque music waiting to hit our idea), but to consider them as a complex process that they deserve to go with a team of professionals like INOVEO.

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Deco Architects

George Cristescu
Senior Architect

Our first contact with INOVEO was in 2016 when we started a rebranding campaign and we needed a team able to give us a vision of the future of our brand.

We chose INOVEO due to our experience in branding, with a diversified portfolio developed by an open and dynamic team. Successful combination!

I participated in the rebranding sessions, which I found interesting as an experience, an opportunity to understand more about the purpose of a brand and how it should be outlined in the minds of the clients. I appreciated the direct and objective way of approach, and their solutions seemed rational to me, which I appreciate in business.

The results were exactly what they promised, and I am very pleased with the team's success. I would work again with INOVEO in the future, and when I'm asked, I strongly recommend them!

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Bel Punto

Mariana Georgescu

The INOVEO meeting was the first step for me to work with the top professionals I felt I needed. We would have told them from other clients of theirs. As you want the best for the baby you grow, I also wanted to work with the best for my brand.

Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to see my own team working in the INOVEO workshop, and found out how much people want to be part of this story and make their contribution to creation. Then when the results were presented to us, we were totally found in our identity.

In addition, for me personally, it was also an essential help in the process of clarifying the direction in which I wanted to go with the company. I still have some phrases in some discussions with Dochita, which help me better to make decisions - for example, when I look at a sketch, I think if we produce that product, it is the product as we have the image we have ? Is it in line with customer expectations?

The result was far beyond what I hoped, all I had to explain in thousands of words, and found expression in the image built by INOVEO, in a way so harmonious with the brand name and especially in a way in which all I was rotating in the mechanism in my head was deciphered almost telepathically and placed coherently on a throat that would make things work.

The materials we received were exactly as we discussed from the beginning. Moreover, I received help later and for other challenges I needed, of course, with the same inspiration of professionals.

I am proud to have worked the BEL PUNTO brand with INOVEO and I recommend it all the way!

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Florin Tat
CEO & Founder

With Dochita I met many years ago, I was colleagues in an EMBA program. I knew he was in the branding area. So, when the need for a brand consultant emerged, we looked to see what the projects had done in the meantime and we decided that INOVEO was the first choice for us.

We met, we said what we wanted for our business in terms of brand and we agreed with the INOVEO team the steps (formal steps) that we will follow in the course of the project.

The project was both technical and creative. I participated in a workshop, then we were given several creative routes from which we chose the one that best suits our business profile. All in all, what was delivered was beyond our expectations. Anyone who needs branding should turn to them with confidence!

If INOVEO were not in the same room with me, I would say about them: Fine people, professionals, it's a pleasure to work with them! :)

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Vlad Dulea

When I first called Dochita to create a brand for Kooperativa, I did not know exactly what we wanted. Here she has had a tremendous amount of experience and ability to get ideas from us around which the INOVEO team can build the brand. When I first saw the sketches I knew from the very beginning that we were exactly in the right direction.

A few years later we repositioned on the market and again turned to INOVEO, this time for rebranding. The team understood and perfectly guessed the new direction.

We have found INOVEO people a welded team, open to suggestions and ideas and extremely communicative. It was again a real pleasure to work with them. Thanks to Dochita, Lia, Diana and the others in the team with whom we did not get to see each other, but we know that you have put as much soul into this project.

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Manuela Gheorghiu
Brand Manager & PR

Although it was the first collaboration with INOVEO, on a rather complex project, we found an available, professional team, flexible to our requirements and mindful of the organization's identity.

Effective communication at each stage of the project and solving the smallest details has led to the success of the project. The new Electroalfa web site presents in a complete way our products and services, giving users interactive and dynamic ways to interact. The video project focuses on people, the technologies used, and the use of the new management system. It's not just a change in visual elements but also a good reflection of new business goals.

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Albert Capatina
General Manager

Raiman is the second project I have developed with the INOVEO team.

The branding process followed the plan, we have been in contact throughout the project. We have trusted from the very beginning that we will get some very good solutions. I mention a few differences that we have had between what they promised and what they delivered ... in the sense that they offered us a series of graphic elements in addition. They are our first choice for future projects. And we'll recommend it to all your friends.

If INOVEO were not in the room, I would say about them - BRILIANT. Only that.

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Romina Ardelean
Coordinating Editor

The collaboration between Progressive and INOVEO has been a match made in the sky and I say that by thinking about how important it is to have that chemistry between you and your collaborators, which makes 50% of the project already under way after the first talks.

I met Dochita for lunch, with no agenda in mind, at a time when the company did not have any rebranding plan, although there were more needs in this area. For those who do not know, Progressive is the first and most important business-to-business publication in Romania, with a vast portfolio of conferences targeting the retail and FMCG industry. But beyond the expertise in publishing and events, Progressive is the platform that helped grow the industry, create a community of its professionals. And the INOVEO team immediately understood all of these facets of the Progressive brand. The first project together - the rebranding of the biggest annual event of the local industry, the Progressive Conference - brought a radical change not only at the level of branding, image, but also the strategic growth of the concept. It's been three years since then, and so many projects have been done together, all of them successful. Most recently, the branding of the Progressive Awards competition was perhaps the most exciting because it assumed a construction from scratch, with great pressure over time, and the impact was - again - great. In fact, what I mean is that if you are looking for a trusted partner with whom to speak the same language, attention to detail, to the values ​​of the company, acting in good faith and advising you what to do with the risk of not being - at times - what you like, INOVEO it's the one.

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Istvan Hutton
Co Owner

We chose to work with INOVEO because it had the most convincing working methodology, namely, that before the creation of the new logo, it also emphasized the brand's values, both in-house and in-house research. In conclusion, he convinced us their working methodology, and the process itself lasted for a month.

The new visual identity represents us, it shows what we are and we want to be, INOVEO has succeeded in molding our values and visions by addressing the themes in more depth. We have very positive feed-backs, new visual identity is to our employees, clients and partners. We are initially on the road to rebranding, but it seems to be helping us to create a more relevant image in the eyes of our clients, but also to expand export activity, penetrate foreign markets where customers are more attentive and at details of visual identity. INOVEO is an ideal partner for those companies that want a more strategic approach to branding, not just a logo, not just a coat, they want to know why that coat is wearing and how they can reflect their inner values. We recommend to entrepreneurs with great expectations for their rebranding, who want to move to another level of business.

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Final Distribution

Dan Mircescu
General Manager

Collaboration with INOVEO began at the end of 2009, when we chose to partner with an enthusiastic and passionate, in love with marketing team that is not afraid to create bold brands.

We decided then that it was time for a refresh of our company brand, Final Distribution. INOVEO were the ones who redefined our identity and brand design. The collaboration was a positive one for the direction of our company, and the services delivered by INOVEO were excellent. The partnership then extended to the product brand, and Novatik is the result of completing our company's portfolio with a 100% roof top roofing system in Romania. The INOVEO team knew how to create brand identity so our product could resonate with the target market. We warmly recommend INOVEO for working with integrity and professionalism. They knew how to extract the information from us and transposed it into competitive advantages for our brands, which made us different from our competitors. Thanks INOVEO, thank you Dochita!

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Guilty Pleasure

Roro Stirbu
Artizan Ciocolatier

Imagine the beginning: an entire four-person team listening in four lengthy meetings all that a potential customer can tell, in this case being Guilty Pleasure - love made chocolate.

I have always wondered what fantastic interior resort these people have so much patience to listen to, and then, through play, relaxation, words close to the soul and our need, to come to what we will be fond of, but it will be and passion for our brand. I now recognize that this state created in us by our countless questions that have found real creative responses have made us want to continue with INOVEO to the detriment of the other two companies we were already courting. We were very close to the moments when every shade of color, no matter how thin or a font of letters, was supported by the team of people with professional ardor, but especially with imagination and innovation. At all subsequent meetings we were fascinated by the inner and unseen resource of Dochita's creations. Just as dreams and plans are coming from close to close, we have felt that we have a role and a sense of the Brand they created, so we think that a little bit of the INOVEO team has it in everything they did with the immense Dochita dedication and everyone in the team.

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Viorel Catana
Chief Unit

Brand is the key element in a company's development process. The website is the virtual interface and mirror of what your own business is.

Choosing collaborators to achieve and develop over time is a very important step. Choosing the team led by Dochita Z. was a very enjoyable experience for us. These people completed us where our competencies stopped. We have always been surprised by their innovative, creative, dynamic, ever-present spirit. I trusted them to approach them in the sense that they were involved in the brand building process, we trusted the proposed strategy, their vision and expertise. The result of this collaboration: a Romanian brand, built by Romanians for Romanians, which can be found nationwide in the hypermarkets Cora, Carrefour, Auchan and Kaufland. Thanks to the entire team for putting in your pictures and words our vision, passion and everyday work from Precistanu, Vrancea!

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Alina Grozescu

We started the project with Dochita believing that we needed rebranding and we discovered together that it was, in fact, necessary to launch a new brand. One that we feel is totally our development directions.

I mean, it was supposed to start from scratch. A new identity with a fresh image calibrated so as to help us increase our turnover in a consistent way. And it happened faster and nicer than we expected. From name, to logo, and then to visual identity, things have gotten more contour and crystallized exactly as we wanted. No year after launch, Wellington is already part of our culture as if it had been there forever. And that's because the method they use is so strong that the whole Wellington team finds itself in this new brand created by them. The materials are very strong. Wellington is today a healthy lifestyle that we feel, we breathe and inspire our clients. It's an achievement that I'm sure I could only touch with them.

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Ovidiu Oltean

Speaker & Entrepreneur

Young entrepreneurs invest in rebranding more easily.

We say it easier because when we met and asked for a quotation, Ovidiu told us with much passion about the symbols his logo emblazoned at that time. I immediately found a common language and we met on this beautiful journey.

We even bought services from Ovidiu because we like to support such courageous initiatives. We shot two rabbits at once: (1) That's how our team from Ovidiu learned that any presentation must be carefully prepared and that there is no good speech without serious documentation. Let's not say about the role-plays we have specially made for us and we also had fun at our Dacia 30 offices at the time. (2) In this way I understood in depth what it represents.

Even if he was an atypical client for us at the time, being a one-man show, solopreneur, we embraced his request because we liked the enthusiasm and the passion he was talking about about training, communication, workshops and what he wanted build. It resulted in a minimalist creative path that represents 100%. We have stayed connected with Ovidiu, and even if we are in Bucharest and he is in Cluj, we follow him on facebook and we are happy for any action he takes. And we are very happy that we are part of the success story of a determined and determined Transylvanian. And we apologize for repeating his name, but it is all with Ovid Oltean in this project.

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Conacul Archia

Horia Szabo
Marketing Director

The generation of millenials convinces parents entrepreneurs that by rebranding can make a difference in tourism.

A mail request made us board our car at 5 am, driving about 470 kilometers to Archia. Just as from Bucharest to Radauti ... peanuts. It was Deva, more precisely. Hunedoara, the furnaces, the landscape a bit grimy ... so we all have the same picture. For our geography at that time, Archia was just a nice name. It was not a settlement as I discovered later. The site could be improved, but good part, they had a very good name.

There followed a discussion with the young Horia and her mother, Virginia Szabo, the business architect, but also with the family pillar, Mr. Szabo. We liked them. The delicious story was the basis for understanding the need. They wanted to develop a contemporary website. They did not want the head to change the logo. It was only developed at the initiative of Mrs. Szabo with a designer. And what is created by you is the most beautiful, the smartest, the most.

The good part is that we arrived at the time when it was difficult to choose from the three proposed routes. I can confirm it too. We still remember this now ... the presentation took place in Bucharest, at our Baneasa offices, at that time. There were all three entrepreneurs: parents and son. They came with excitement and left with confidence. Mother was decided from the beginning. And as a skilful woman with arguments she helped make the decision. I also had a syncope. They did not like the text. We had to change the copywriter. I did it. This project also marked a new thing for our team. We've co-opted Vali for programming the site, which later became our colleague. From this project we have developed the online division. And conacularchia.ro is our first inhouse website.

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Flavia Dumitru
Brand Manager

A startup needs more branding than an already established brand.

Why? Because it enters the competition and needs to design trust, attention to detail, more like any other brand. Because he does not have the experience like the already existing brands, so he has to counter something ... Image is the most handy. An entrepreneur who is attentive to all aspects of the business is foretelling you. But it's expensive. If we like the back people, you always find a solution. It's all you want. We have a special method for such projects. We can not develop many projects of this nature, but the innovative ones attract us. That was the case with Anda Constatinescu. She convinced us. The project went into timeline. Now Anda is on an island after selling his part in Dalberry. What a nice name I proposed, right? And we're glad we were a little part of her success story. We are waiting for the future story. We're still here;) and we're all branding. Well, well, we've added some neuromarketing, but branding is our first love.

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Andu Hanea
Marketing Director

Marketing is the younger generation. Production and HR are in the parents' yard.

We were at the headquarters near Cismigiu when he visited us for the first time from Sibiu. He spoke a little, but decided. He was young. We had to convince our parents that rebranding is needed. In an industry like their own - cotton products - where you beat on the one hand with brands such as Nike and Adidas, on the other hand with Turkish products or Chinese. How do you solve it? Olt Valley and the tyrants became our colleagues. The following steps were followed, and then the final exam presented the creative routes. Mom and son were happy. Father-pocker-face ... transformed intro the eagle's eagle. And I did not understand. Until the first articulation of Mr. Hodea Senior: "I'm sorry!". I only understood when he explained that since the business he drew and redefined the word Andu, that is, the name of the brand, in the same way; but what we have managed to do in weeks has surpassed any imagination. I explained that it's "normal stuff" for our designers. And you do not have to be brilliant, just to interpret some data and turn the entrepreneur's ideas into visual. Then implementation followed. We enjoy the elephant andu. The received trainings we received today even more than 6 years after the start of the project.

Then every visit to Bucharest or to Sibiu we call and tell us. And it's beautiful when you see an evolving brand. It's like a family with out-of-date members who see family events and then tell them, in one night all their lives. From a team of about 20 people, today Andu has reached over 100 and a store in the Mall of Sunplaza Bucharest. We've been ordering shirts from them ever since. If you see us with white or black T-shirts written with Einstein, you know that Andu T-shirts. With Andu we also won an international award in the USA. Last year, Andu T-shirts reached our Megagen customers in Korea. Yes, South :). As the North is still under his hand.

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