Why is Tony Robbins a brand?

Tony Robbins combines the four branding ingredients: Relevance + Differentiation delivered Coherent + Consistance.
Positioning of Tony Robbins’ seminar: science delivered through the show. Science = content of Business, Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Medicine, Psychology, Chemistry, directed and packed as a show.

1. Coherent and consistent brand

  • He coherently and consistently built the content of the seminar and improved it over the 30 years of his career.
  • The physical presence of the person over the course of several decades: he kept a very large consistency, obviously adapted to norms and trends in fashion and design (I refer to hairstyle, outfit, clothing)
  • Tony Robbins calibrated his speech at the audience. He spoke on the first day for 12 hours continuously and, with care, with sense! And on the third day, another 12 hours. Continuously. With sense. Simple. And with passion. Although he’s been doing it for over 20 years.

2. Brand relevance

  • Relevant for those who have participated: I, for example, understood the most complicated terms of medicine, some chemistry and physics, translated by Tony Robbins on my tongue … Because I have assimilated through play and music some knowledge I have never had patience to listen to them, although many have tried to explain it to me, but in the specialized terminology. By Thursday, April 6, 2016, I knew from Mrs. Mann, the pedagogy professor, whom I owed many, that’s a technique for preschoolers and school children. But it is not.
  • Relevant content for the audience; just a few ideas: we are what we think we are; we are what we are by the power of those around us; we receive as much as we give; the difference is to realize when you have to go further; you can go if you are in a certain mindset; the group helps you get to a certain mindset easier than if you do it yourself; the difference of excellence consists in doing a thing many times until you get to perfection; those who are born in a certain process bring proactivity to the project, those who are beginners – react, without having time to think in advance, which brings negative effects; the suffering caused by discipline is less than that caused by regrets; the return to the essence of life: breathing, hydration, diet based at least 70% on foods of vegetable origin including proteins; mindset can change in a snap.

3. Brand differentiator

  • Differentiation through the holistic approach: medicine, chemistry, psychology, business, finance, HR, marketing and sales. A unique approach.
  • Best content packed as a show. The intensity of what I read and watched until the seminar was multiplied by 8,000 times. A hall of 8,000 people who applaud every half hour!

From Landor we learned to be very good in branding. From Tony Robbins we have learned to be OUTSTANDING.
Thank you, Horia George Szabo & Istvan Hutton. We, ‪#‎INOVEO, will be better now because of you.

Any entrepreneur, marketer or coach must be Relevant and Differentiator, deliver Coherent and Consistent. I refer both to my personal and commercial brand. Make branding with those who have been doing this for at least 9 years because they have made hundreds of branding projects and know how to deal with one situation or another. Proactive, not reactive. 😉

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?