What does agriculture have to do with branding?

In one of his books, Gladwell talks about the difference between Western and Oriental culture and says he comes from agriculture . Rice versus wheat. The success of a rice crop consists of the effort made. What this means? Motivation, learning, practice, acquiring skills that all lead to skill. Then the consecutive day of the exercise to wake up with the night in the head every day because you want to get better fruits. In essence, the meticulousness of doing the same thing many times until you get out the way you want it. All of this can lead to two, three crops per season. So the result is the sum of the effort, the climatic conditions playing a secondary role in the equation. Unlike the East, Westerners consider the wheat culture to be weather dependent. Good rod is very closely related to weather.

And what is the link between agriculture and branding? If you sow, it does not mean you will grow up. The farmer does not leave culture at will. And branding is the same. Brand once launched or re-launched, it must be cultivated. It is a process that starts from the moment of launch and never ends. It’s true that you calibrate it for the human resource, the financial one, and obviously the goals you have. Depends on the brand grower he wants. To harvest or to blame in the weather.

Repeat. Branding is a process by which a product gets branded. It is sown. Rising. I see him. I like him. It consumes it. I tell others. I’m coming back to him. How is branding made? With skill, meticulousness, practice, will, motivation, resources, starting from objectives. It’s been done day by day, when it dawned. By all of them: cultivator, daydreamers, dreamers, viewers, buyers, clients. Branding and its outcome depend on us. What do you practice in agriculture … Western or Oriental?

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?