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deLivada is a family business based in Foscani that produces, sorts and packages annually 2500 tons of fruit from a 45-acre orchard in the Dutch system.

Following the audit process, specialists in branding INOVEO have established the pillars around which revolves around the whole business concept of Living: healthy eating, care for others, performance and precision of farming, storage and distribution standards. Starting from these attributes, INOVEO designers have opted for the use of calligraphic, cursive font, suggesting the attention and skill needed to cultivate a good product. The color used increases the visibility on the product due to contrasting colors, and the descriptive symbol is a tree that abounds in fruit, embodying the orchard idea.

“DeLivada is a business born of the passion of a Romanian entrepreneur to be close to farming, the fertile land in the Vrancea area and the Romanian consumer who has fresh Romanian fruits“

The branding process was conducted over 2 months and included the following steps: visual analysis, branding platform, naming, visual identity and online branding. The team that participated in the process was composed of: Dochita Zenoveiov, Ecaterina Gaman, Cristian Ghita, Valentin Ludu and Sabina Leonte.

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