We opened the rebranding season in tourism

Archia Mansion, a family business in Deva that recovers Transylvanian values ​​and promotes the spirit of the contemporary boyar.

The results of the audit allowed INOVEO branding specialists to define the essence of the Archia Mansion – the first family of contemporary boyars. The Szabo family is the catalyst for the Archia Conac brand. It gives you the soul and color of your whole hospitable experience from the moment you search for the Internet, until you leave. The challenge of the team was to translate the combination of old and new into their visual identity. The designers started from the idea of ​​the logo in the form of a monogram, translating the insignia of a noble family. However, the representation was made in a modern, urban style with hand-painted characters, suggesting the combination of the two essential directions: ancient values ​​in the area recovered and brought back to the attention of today’s tourist and the technology that sustains and gives the contemporary business note acquis. The black-and-white chroma sends thought to the past, leaving the present images to give the brand the color.

“The story of the Archia Mansion is about the Szabo family, about those who inspired them in the past, about today’s people who are crossing the threshold, about the idea of ​​beautiful Romanian study and about how to build your own destiny. Although it is a young business, the Archaic Mansion brings urban cultural heritage to the city, so the life of the mansion in 2016 is different from that of the 1900’s manor house. It is with details of history and stories, but also with contradictions that strike with sincerity: reservation made on the tablet versus the grandmother’s spa at breakfast, LCD-equipped rooms versus maneuvering horseback riding. We like to believe that Romania’s real chance lies in the power to refine Romanian brands like Archia Mansion and other brands of unique Romanian tourist destinations. That is the only way we can build a genuine brand, and the Szabo family is an example of this. “- says Dochita Zenoveiov, Brand Innovator @ INOVEO.

The rebranding process was developed over the course of two months and covered the brand analysis stages (including Antz research), brand platform, visual identity, implementation, branding, website development. The team that participated in the trial was composed of: (1) from the agency: Dochita Zenoveiov, Ecaterina Gaman, Cristian Ghita, Valentin Ludu, Alina Tudor, Bogdan Popovici, Sabina Leonte and Stefan Bogdan Gheorghe; Szabo, Virginia Szabo Sorin Szabo. Project details here.

Team INOVEO has developed over 200 branding and rebranding projects for local entrepreneurs using the Landor inspirational methodology. The main services offered are: brand audit, brand platform, naming, packaging, visual identity, brand communication, online branding. We like the entrepreneurs who love their brands more than the cars they run and invest in the future of their brand. We work with open entrepreneurs who think the brand is an important business card for the profit of their business.

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