Small website maintenance guide

A website will never be ready, it evolves according to customer needs and adapts to user requirements. Below are three basic steps for maintaining a website.

1. Back-up – before changing anything and moving on to the next steps we need to save the current version of the page. We recommend saving everything every 3 months and back-up should be saved somewhere outside the server – we can not rely on hosting providers 100%, there were cases when back-up servers were poorly configured clients woke up with lost and unrecoverable data. Before major updates and changes, we need to make a back-up. Many unfortunate situations may arise from incompatibilities.

2. Updates – Most websites run on CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, OpenCart for online stores. These platforms are in continuous development and programmer communities add and improve the continual code. We recommend reviewing and updating the monthly platform. The same for the additional modules.

3. Testing – Ok, I’ve updated the platform to the latest version, the modules are up to date, we can say we’re done this month, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, updating a module may make it incompatible with your current CMS.
The next step is to test each website’s functionality. Begin with dynamic parts especially contact forms. In the case of online stores create a new account and simulate the route of a customer, from registration to the completion of the order.

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