When it comes to packaging, color is one of the most important components for attracting shoppers. Visible from a greater distance than other elements such as copy, illustrations or graphics, it’s often one of the first things people notice. If your product is brightly colored, draw inspiration from it. Use accents of the bright colors in your packaging. Make it stand out. Keep it simple, try to use contrast and test different color options until you find the perfect solution.


Packaging design is something that I believe it is truly inspiring. It’s so fun to see how designers use their creativity to come up with eye-catching packaging in the midst of so much visual noise. If you have the opportunity to be playful with your packaging, take it. It’s more fun when you’re having fun!


If you can tell a story with your packaging, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. People love stories, and they love uncovering information they may not otherwise. The way a product is packaged can create a dynamic, engaging story about your brand, drawing upon a multitude of features. These include the design itself, the shape and size and technical features, and the copy used on the packaging. Pick the one absolute most important thing you want customers to know about your product. That should be the centerpiece of your design.


Let’s say this article is a product. I may only have one flavor of Luminita’s Famous blog article at the moment, but in the future I might want to create Luminita’s Infamous Typo Article and Luminita’s Awesome Ways to Design article. You need to make a design which is going to be easily modified to accommodate new variations of this product.


Patterns can be an easy way to get your packaging design to stand out, and with a variety of ways to be implemented it’s hard to resist a well-designed pattern. You can use your pattern to help keep the consistency of the brand. A company that develops physical goods has lots of potential in incorporating their brand patterns. This is a simple way to build brand recognition and keeps your branding cohesive. The viewer develops a deeper sense of brand recognition when they see the pattern applied.


Some packaging is too complicated. Sometimes simplicity is the key. The more immediately someone understands a product or message, the greater chance you have of selling him or her on it. Also, the simplicity brings a bit more of a modern twist to the package.

Author: Luminita Dumitrache

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