Scandia Food Flavour

Scandia Food, a rebranding full of flavor, signed by Seed Consultants

Seed Consultants, Seed Consultants, the exclusive partner in Romania of the Landor global network, was chosen by Scandia to redefine brand strategy and corporate identity to express the new direction of the company’s development.

The new universe of the Scandia Food brand is centered on a fresh visual identity, a redefined brand architecture, a unique tone of message and graphics and a new visual and photographic style, all anchored in the new promise of the brand: “Life full of flavor! “. The essence of the corporate brand articulates the company’s mission: from the development of savory products to all the experiences they create to consumers and the community, talking about optimism, good mood and the joy of offering pleasant and rich tastes.

Scandia Food’s visual identity is the first sign of change, the result of a close collaboration between Scandia Food, Seed Consultants and Landor. It keeps a connection with the previous logo using script letters, as a reminder of the company’s tradition, maintaining its red color, but more fresh and intense. The powerful and memorable symbol of the horn of abundance developed in the new logo brings a distinctive touch and conveys the diversity and flavor of the products developed by the company. Raluca Beldiman, Brand Designer at Seed Consultants and the author of the concept of design, develops: “The idea of ​​using the horn of abundance has started from its insignificance in art, symbol of wealth, fertility, diversity. Reinterpretation that we thought about Scandia Food has the same symbolism in the center, but adapted to the brand platform, suggesting the diversity of products, shapes and tastes, the release of senses and emotions, and so the flavor of life itself. ”

“The launch of a new image of the Scandia Food corporation is fundamental to our company’s new direction,” said Robert Redeleanu, Scandia Food CEO. “This initiative goes far beyond a simple change of form, but on the contrary, we want to convey a clear message that Scandia Food is turning into an innovative, consumer-oriented company. And this change starts from within the company, along with this re-branding, along with our Seed Consultants, who have been involved throughout the entire process with some very creative and effective tools. ”

The branding process was very complex, “precisely because it is a brand with a tradition of almost 90 years, which is very loved by the employees and respected by the Sibiu community, and this fact has led us to work sessions with the management team and Scandia employees to become an integral part of this whole process, and the new identity to be embraced naturally, “says Roxana Iancu, Seed Consultants consultant.

“Our challenge was to effectively integrate the brand’s tradition and positive equity of the organization with the new business strategy to communicate a consumer-centered, contemporary consumer corporation,” explains Dochita Zenoveiov, Managing Director at Seed. “The new platform needs to be further internalized by employees who play a role as actors of change, which is why a brand of brand ambassadors has been created that are responsible for activating, spreading and coordinating the essence of the brand and its implications, add this.

The branding process lasted 8 months, and the stages consisted of internal and external brand auditing, including the interpretation of consumer research, positioning workshops and identification of contact points, branding, restoration of verbal and visual identity, creation brand manual, brand engagement workshops, implementation, internal and external launch.

The Romanian-German project team from Seed Consultants & Landor was made up of Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Emma Beckmann – Corporate Consultant, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Vladimir Martinus – Project Manager and Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer, Marina Beldiman – Brand Designer and Tony Lyons – Associate Design Director. From Scandia Food participated Robert Redeleanu – Scandia Food CEO, Andreea Teodorescu – Marketing Manager, Alexandra Bucur – Brand Manager, Andreea Ursulescu – PR & amp; Communication, Alexandra Olaru – Corporate Affairs Consultant.

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