Polish poster design

In the last year I turned my attention to poster design as a leisure exercise and I wanted to visit Switzerland or Poland to find out more. The first contact with an exhibition of foreign posters was through college year 1, Polish posters on socio-political themes.

Two months ago I had the pleasure of visiting the capital of Poland – Warsaw. Since the first interaction with the city following the road from the airport to accommodation, we noticed the refined culture of the graphic design, the street posters being more to the cultural and not the commercial events.
I have known for some time now that the Poles have a poster school that 56 ‘officially supports this kind of visual communication.

I find the Polish posters interesting by the rigidity of the construction of the forms, being well defined and strongly contrasting with the compositional elements and with the background, especially for the ones that include illustrations. They affect the effectiveness of communicating the message, the viewer succeeding in extracting essential information from the first few seconds.

I highly recommend Warsaw to poster enthusiasts and especially to those interested in socio-political issues. You can purchase collectible posters, albums and cool postcards directly from Muzeum Plakatu.

Author: Alex Ranete

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