Leaders move forward, ordinary people stop

In the 10 years of branding we have come in contact with brands from various industries and sectors. And if it is something that makes us move on and resist is the “optimistic madness” inspired by any businessman we come into contact with. The extraordinary capacity of the Romanian entrepreneur to see above obstacles, weights, taxes, the positive side – the opportunities and the success of his / her business brand.

And during the 10 years of branding, we have witnessed the active branding of a tourist destination branding program for Romania. The so-called “leaf” program. Total failure. And we can discuss why … the objectives, the way of organizing the auction and its designation, the excessive and superficial coverage of what should mean a program de branding beyond design. But branding programs have launched other countries. For example, “Cool Britannia”, the UK program was a failure because it took into account a narrow segment of the population, those interested in culture, fashion, design, music and art, and not the rest of the population.

There are also positive examples – Switzerland, which developed in the 1990s a science, technology and innovation program targeting university centers in the major cities of the world; today Switzerland is a banking and research center; big multinationals in pharma and here HQ, not London; so does Google. Similar examples are in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, with programs to attract the population with higher education. Finland has devoted its country’s attention to its own resources, thus reaching the idea that education is their only opportunity; today, over 10 years of the platform, the Finns can boast the best PISA results. Policies launched targeted the desired population and communicated with it. Of all the governments that went to Victoria Palace had at least one branding specialist for the coherent construction of a real country project? How many of the ministers of the economy have taken a branding specialist to teach the Romanian entrepreneurs to develop a Romanian brand before moving on to brand communication (and it is equally impressive)? How many presidents have hired a branding specialist?

And at the end, while on Wednesday, the # # resisted the second and third exchanges in Victory Square, we witnessed an example of positivism and optimism. President Alexandrion Group, Nawaf Salameh, and his team have recognized and awarded the effort, value and excellence of Romania outside: the Romani Olympians. Premiere with diplomas, trophies, flowers, applause, many applause and money. With such examples, we resist and we get tired of going further. And the climax was when the youngest paralympic youngster who won the judo bronze won the stage. BLIND. What made him win the Olympic medal? Drama? The inner revolt? The will? Determination? Viewing? “The Olympians go on when ordinary people stop” (Eduard Novak, First Paralympic Roman Champion in London 2012).

People are the core and the engine of any brand. Romania’s reputation rises or falls through them.

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?