Intact Media Academy

Seed Consultants create the Intact Media Academy brand

Seed Consultants brand and design consulting company, exclusive partner Landor in Romania, has realized the visual identity and graphic applications for the new brand, the media school launched by the largest Romanian media group. The Intact Media Academy brand platform starts from the idea that “you learn from the best to get on a better day than they are.” Intact Media Academy reunites the professionals in the field by creating the most complex educational program existing so far in Romania to prepare the new generation of journalists.

The team involved by Seed Consultants in this project considered creating a new brand a major challenge: “The idea of ​​the media school has attracted us from the beginning, but our challenge was to translate the brand platform created around values ​​such as professionalism, excellence, success through an attractive design for aspiring youngsters, to deliver at the same time the brilliance, the fascination that this world exerts on them, “says Dochita Zenoveiov, Managing Director.

The visual identity is based on the concept of entertainment, glamor, the desire of young people to become a star, but also keeps in touch with the mother brand by using the colors assigned to the Intact Media Group logo.
The design of the new identity was created based on the image of the light produced by the flash of the camera and suggests the mirage of the showbiz world, the fascination it manifests on the young eager to pursue a career in the media. The Intact Media Academy’s universe is focused on the idea of ​​entertainment, glamor, but at the same time talks about professionalism and passion in practicing this profession and the desire to be successful. “The distinctive note comes from the creation of a modern, fresh visual identity that uses youthful, penetrating colors, a contemporary and courageous approach, perfectly complemented by the rigor of association with the term,” says Raluca Beldiman, Senior Brand Designer.

“The launch of this media school is based on our desire for journalists with considerable experience in this field to discover talented, ambitious, intelligent young people who want to contribute significantly to the creation of a positive, aspiring image of this industry and who want to excel in their job, not just be the best. The Seed Consultants team understood what we want to convey by creating a brand that combines the charm of the showbiz with the media academy, “said Alessandra Stoicescu, coordinator of this project.

“We set out to create a brand that is the clear definition of success, focusing on the idea of ​​performance based on the experience of those who have basically created this industry,” adds Roxana Iancu, Seed Consultants brand consultant.

The stages of the branding project consisted of market analysis, brand platform development, visual identity design,
graphics applications and brand manual. The project team from Seed Consultants was made up of Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director & Strategy, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman (Pinky) – Senior Brand Designer, Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive, and Intact Media Academy, Alessandra Stoicescu – Project Initiator.

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