HERT Design

HERT Design, a new brand designed by Seed Consultants

Seed Consultants brand and design consulting company, an exclusive partner of Landor Associates in Romania, has created a new brand on the Romanian furniture and decoration market following a branding program started earlier this year.

The HERT Design brand is owned by two young Romanian entrepreneurs with background in multinational companies and a coherent business vision. The HERT Design business is a boutique of furniture creation and production that has started from the passion of the two design entrepreneurs, but especially their desire to provide customers with a pleasant experience when deciding to decorate the home or set up commercial spaces. The HERT Design brand differentiator resides in how the team interacts with customers, from advice and advice offered to encouraging them to bold ideas, unlimited shapes, materials or colors. Among the HERT Design clients are Romanian and multinational companies, as well as individuals who want unique home furnishings.

The essence of the HERT Design brand lies in the creation of experiences, stories and sensations generated by the design objects, around which is then expressed the entire space of a room. What HERT Design aims to stimulate the creativity of its clients, stimulate them to dream and cherish their own ideas, because even the most daring plans can be executed.

The concept behind the visual identity starts from the shape of the pencil that sketches, which practically articulates the entire construction, the composition’s expression being underlined by the line drawn by it.
It is the visual mode through which you can play any bold ideas.

The Seed team has developed for HERT Design the brand platform, visual identity, branding and website design ( www.hertdesign.ro ).

“Creating the HERT Design brand was a very challenging process for us, on the one hand, because it is a design brand that required a creative and differentiating approach at the conceptual level and on the other hand because the customer’s team is a perfectionist and rigorous, working at the highest standards and expectations were extremely high. We were glad that the solution delivered was enthusiastically embraced by the customer and we are proud of such a brand in our portfolio, “said Dochita Zenoveiov, Managing Director of Seed Consultants.

“The HERT Design brand aims to offer customers a positive and favorable experience in the difficult stage of setting up a home or office, because most of the time when they reach this point, customers are disappointed by the majority of manufacturers market. We are a team of professionals who strive for everything to come out perfectly, from the creation of the sketch of design to the final finishing of the objects. And Seed team has surprised both through positioning and visual expression exactly this “obsession for perfection” that we have and we deliver to our clients, “says Eduard Tuca, Managing Partner HERT Design.

The project team from Seed Consultants & Landor was made up of Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Catalina Vulpe – Project Executive, Raluca Beldiman – Brand Designer, and from HERT Design Eduard Tuca – Managing Partner, Razvan Hoffman – Managing Partner, Gheorghe Dumitrescu – Production Director.

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