Four lessons brands can learn from Pokemon Go

Whether you tried to catch them all for yourself, or you were simply intrigued by the large number of people who were running through the neighborhood with the phone in your hand and displaying all sorts of shy girls, you inevitably intersected with Pokemon Go.

With 21 million players a day, Pokemon Go is the most popular mobile app of all time, mostly loved by Y-generations. So what’s the secret of success?

The short answer to what makes Pokemon Go so successful? The application knows how to attract the interest of the Y generation by appealing to their sometimes contradictory desires.

Four lessons that your brand can learn from Pokemon Go:

1. It turns to nostalgia, but with a modern temptation

Do you want to reflect on your own mortality? Think of the Pokemon brand for over 20 years. This means that those who are playing now and have about 20 years of age have grown up with Ash and Pikachu, playing original video games, collecting cards and watching cartoons.

As the discoveries show, the Y generation desires experiments that are both nostalgic and futuristic. Pokemon Go literally upgrades childhood memories by putting familiar characters into augmented reality.

The lesson

Brands should not be afraid to resort to nostalgia and help Y-generation to relive their first memories. The focus is on modernizing memories and combining the latest technological innovations with childhood fun.

2. Build a community

In a world where Snapchat begins to become part of the daily routine, the Y generation is hungry for more significant connections in the real world.

Pokemon Go not only encourages players to work together, the game makes them out of the house and gives them a compelling reason to explore the surroundings. The smile that it displays most of the times is a perfect excuse to start a conversation about a common interest, maybe even makes them join forces.

The lesson

Digital communities are not going anywhere. But if brands can access the wishes of the Y generation by making them interact more meaningfully with others in the real world, they can win their hearts and keep them loyal.

3. Give them something to share

Whether the players walk through the park to catch a Squirtle or watch a Pikachu at the corner bar, Pokemon Go adds a note of magic to the daily routine.

It provides a base for funny snaps, snaps, Instagram photos that make players laugh and post about the game, whether they play actively or not.

The lessong

Imagine what worthy moments to share can encourage your brand. Help clients feel the experience as if they were theirs, but help them build and share their own stories.

4. Stay agile

Pokemon Go seems something new so it’s easy to forget that it’s part of a brand franchise for nearly two decades, which includes everything from cartoons to books.

The lessong

Never stop from progressing. Be smart and subtle about innovation. Keeping relevant technology innovations. Dream away. Evolve.


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