Final Distribution identity

Seed Consultants has created the new corporate identity for Final Distribution

The Seed Consultants brand and design consultancy has done the re-branding process for Final Distribution, the leader in the natural stone tiles market and exclusive representative of the Gerard premium brand in Romania.

Final Distribution organized a pitch at the end of 2009, following which the Seed Consultants team was assigned to deal with the rebranding and implementation project. The entire process included an analysis phase started in the first months of 2010, identifying contact points, creating the brand platform, the stage where several workshops were held with the client’s project team and identity design.

The concept starts from the idea of ​​developing a strong corporate identity built to reflect their leadership position on the specialist market. The image of the company had to translate the essence of the brand through an aesthetic design that means innovation and trust.

The overall idea of ​​the logo can be described as representing the concept of progress and leadership, always being ahead of everyone. The new visual identity reminds of the previous logo by using the square shape, a perfect shape due to its equal sides, in a balanced set that gives the force of the logo. The distinctive note comes from the choice of purple color, thus separating itself from the rest of the competitors, and of course by using a modern, geometric, force and weight font that conveys the idea of ​​a strong and trustworthy company.

Following the rebranding process, the end result was to create a premium, modern image, suited to a company that offers performance and innovative products.

The rebranding process was accomplished in 5 months, and the project team from Seed Consultants consisted of Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Roxana Iancu – Senior Brand Consultant, Raluca Beldiman (Pinky) – Brand Designer, Vladimir Martinus – Project Manager, Cristina Pana – Marketing Assistant, Petronela Sterea – Project Executive.

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