Branding Radio ZU

Seed Consultants has developed the Radio ZU brand

Seed Consultants brand and design consulting company has developed the visual identity for the latest radio station CHR released in Romania, Radio ZU. Seed Consultants has also positioned the brand and its visual territory.

Radio ZU appears on a highly crowded market with dedicated players with a high reputation and a strong reputation, which makes the mission of positioning a brand even more difficult. However, the dynamism of the newly formed radio team, the energy and determination, the passion and the desire for innovation, helped the Seed Consultants team develop a brand platform aligned to their personality, able to build a strong emotional bond with listeners and countless associations of brand relevant to them.

Innovation, interactivity, spontaneity and ludic spirit are brand values ​​that have been reflected in the new visual identity of ZU radio, created by Bogdan Diaconu, designer at Seed Consultants.
“The ZU Radio logo starts from the idea of ​​interactivity, expressing the fact that ZU is a brand that wants to resonate with the listeners, send and receive vibrations, feelings, experiences. Practically, he feels what surrounds him and reacts to any stimuli coming from the outside, from the listeners. It does not remain indifferent, it does not create the trend itself, it does not establish what to listen to – it is a collaboration, a dialogue. In other words, he does the team with the listener and sets with him what to do, what to listen to, what to see and so on, “says Bogdan Diaconu, who developed both the applications and the visual territory in the same line interactive and playful.

The branding process was extremely fast, and Radio ZU was launched in September, following a very good and effective collaboration between Radio ZU team, consisting of: Cristian Mihalache – Project Manager, Camelia Levintza Stettler – Marketing Director Tony Tesiu – Director of Programs, Mihai Morar and Daniel Buzdugan, and the project team from Seed Consultants made up of: Dochita Zenoveiov – Managing Director, Andreea Lupu – Brand Consultant, Bogdan Diaconu – Brand Designer and Roxana Iancu – Project Manager.

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?