American Design Awards

Seed Consultants winning the American Design Awards for the GSP TV brand identity

Seed Consultants, an exclusive partner of Landor Associates in Romania, has been awarded at the American Design Awards, the biannual edition of the Corporate Identity category for the visual identity of the GSP TV brand.

The competition was very tight, with more than 1,400 entries from around the world and Seed ranked second in the Corporate Identity section. The criteria for judging were creativity, efficiency in communicating the desired message to the target audience, and the practical side of the work.

The visual identity of GSP TV was made by the Seed team in 2008, starting from the brand’s values: passion, involvement, attitude and performance, transferred to the concept of “the arbiter” that underpinned the visual identity. This reminds of the “red card” of the referee who, objectively but vigilantly, observes and sanctions, as the case may be, every movement.

Execution was contemporary and differentiating, it was a fresh approach in the media market. And the prize won at this world competition comes to emphasize once again the professionalism and efficiency of the strategy and design teams, as well as the opening of the GSP TV project team towards the strategic solution, “says Dochita Zenoveiov, Managing Director of Seed Consultants.

American Design Awards (ADA) is one of the most renowned international design competitions and the most famous independent design competition. The organization was founded in 2000 by a team of design professionals. The biannual design competition features 22 categories of three prizes and is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.