Aliphia rebranding Cure by Seed Consultants

The Aliphia brand combines with an ingenious and original method the benefits of nature with scientific research for the benefit of our health. The people behind the brand have devoted their research work to a noble purpose, to develop parapharmaceutical products that address different therapeutic areas. The investment in development has been crowned by the rebranding process that marks the passing of the company into a new phase.

The rebranding process took place over a three-month period and was meant to bring new, positive, fresh air. We have come here through the analysis, the development of the platform, the name and the architecture of the package, the development of the packaging and the elaboration of the marketing strategy.

The concept of “beauty and the benefits of nature” reveals the company’s tradition in industry and its reinvention. The name “Aliphia” highlights these issues both in its semantics and in writing with pharma. The preservation of image associates, the notoriety of the locomotive product – Dr. Boici Cream – and the alignment of the package architecture were essential elements in the rebranding process. Aliphia’s portfolio of ten different SKU products unveils the product from the package: the drop and the essence of the plants come to ease your moments less pleasant. “We like the outcome a lot, we came here because of a close connection between us and Seed, who knew at key moments to guide us,” says Adrian Ienin, Marketing Director.

The Most Promising Romanian Brand is the definition of the satisfaction of making branding in Romania because we identify dedicated people, products that have the potential to become brand and have the potential to generate wealth for shareholders , employees, clients, community, state budget and Seed. Aliphia is part of this definition. I met them at the first edition and I knew since then that we would work together. Aliphia is the bridge of our grandparents generation who know what Dr. Boici’s Cream is and we, those who will need these products for parents or for us at some point. “- says Dochita Zenoveiov, Managing Director of Seed Consultants.

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