Passion makes the difference. And people with passion make INOVEO a magnet for innovative brands and cool customers. Before we start any project, we want you to meet your team. Do not be surprised if we invite you to our office. Visit us here in our environment. And feel our vibe here in our yellow nest.

We have passions, we are not perfect. We are people. And we've been working since 2007 in branding for entrepreneurs with ideas like you. We do not write with diacritics. We're coming to the German office. We answer slower than we would. We're dressing more freely than you'd expect. We are consultants, not executives. We are perfect and we like that. Because we steal a little from each customer. Do not be surprised if we take something with you and your loan. That's what we were looking for. Entrepreneurs to surprise us.

2 words about us:

Dochita . And Zenoveiov . A lot of syllables ... So it's better to keep Dochita. There is a place in Radauti. Where the map hangs on. Bucovina. Made marketing since 1999 and branding since 2007. He has learned from the best. Landor. Because they are the strongest in branding. They have methodology, that is, the recipe. They have offices all over the world. And if he did not know something at first, he would call them. Lately they do not call them anymore. Because after 12 years of branding and teaming with the Romanian entrepreneur, he speaks his language. And the experience of FMCG, retail and media in a Romanian group (newsgroup with everything you want TV, radio, the press and online) is helping it a lot now. Always find people who like it. Speak the same language. Especially through deeds. This year's on fire. Has the exam: eighth grade. If you have tips for her, she's waiting for them. He has a great dream: to do well. For the team. For the client. And for their brands. He wants an E85 turned into a highway. And a proud country of what it has. And after branding he wants to be a few more years teaching. Any. But be it. One another is branding teacher.

Platon, Dan Platon , web innovator. From Bucharest, not from Athens. It always surprises us with something new. He's making programming and he's passionate about football. He is injured from time to time because he does not get too often on the ground. In intermercato play Darts. He even brought his darts to the bior. And home has a little and all the furniture is all but one server for cryptomonades. In 5 years he wants to be cryptomilionar on a beach in Thailand.

Marius . Chiriac named after my father. Or the good boy at all. Everything at INOVEO. From Braila. And innovative web at INOVEO. More specifically, programmer. Do you have a project? Marius does it. Did he do? You know? Maybe yes maybe no. Often not. But it does not have the vocabulary "no". Button a little on the net and in 5 minutes comes with the solution. In 5 years he wants 10 homes. Not from aunt Tamara, nor from Uncle Greci. But on his honest work of programmer. Playing table tennis ... damped it no month after the purchase. I asked one more time. Do you have a project? Call Marius. It will resolve you immediately.

Luminita. Maria. Dumitrache. He finished Graphics at UNArte and has been designing and illustrating since then. Home playing on the console or cat. We really wanted to take a cat in our office. That would be missing us ... even though we have more lovers of cats and dogs in the team. How is doing? Collect flyers from plastic exhibitions and dinosaurs. He wants to have a huge workshop with white walls and wooden floor that scratches, where he closes and paints. Afterwards, he wants to expose himself to a huge gallery. Her package is full of package design and animation tutorials. He does not like to write, prefer to draw. Especially package design, as she did for Ursus, her soul project. So if you need the package, Luminita is here and can hardly wait to meet you.

Tudor Berenda . Tudor briefly. He grew up in Bacau somewhere between Seche football fields and Seche's karting track. He went through college as the gang through the water. Informatics. He did not like it. He chose the design. Graphic design. Package design. Web design. Editorial design. Etc design. Inexplicable has found work in the field. We liked it from the first discussion in Romana. But he won us when he was open to help us with a project the day before we started our job. And since then our clients like Tudor. It combines surprisingly creativity with realism. He says the computer is shooting. And he's right. Desgin has to be practical. And he likes INOVEO. Do not declare it. Because he does not like to talk, write. He prefers "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet". But the incentives he has earned for five months in a row. We like to win his idea. And because it's good. And because he gets us out with the 500 lei you win. What he does not like is to write about it. We say you put it on the design job. That's why he's in our team.

Alex Ranete is the INOVEO team member and part of the design department. He is a graduate of UNArte Bucharest, and currently he studies the Master in Visual Communication. He wants a design portfolio. He wants diplomas. Even one in New York ... we suspect our colleagues. He wants to overtake Marius in ping-pong matches won. And Dan on FIFA19. He wants to visit Svalbard by 2021. He wants to create pieces of furniture somewhere in the near future. Let's get started because we need a coffee table, there, next to the two yellow puffs. He has tattoos and goes to the gym. Is not that cool? But customers like it because it's a suspect. And something else. Deadlines are in place. It's great for a milenist;)

INOVEO is what it is today and thanks to colleagues who, for a longer or shorter period, have chosen to be part of our team. With some of them, we also collaborate on punctual projects. Thank you: Bogdan, Bam, Mirela, Andreea, Pinky, Marius, Roxana, Catalina, Vlad, Marina, Carmen, Ecaterina, Bianca, Elena, Ema, Dana, Sabina, Eda, Roxana, Sorin, Cristiana , Corina, Ana-Maria, Bogdan, Dana, Cristina, Adina, Cristi, Vali, Diana.

We thank our global partners from which we have learned the branding business since 2006. We have learned procedures and tools for branding and rebranding. I asked, we teamed with them on branding projects in the country and outside. We keep in touch with them today even though many of them are no longer part of the Landor. Thank you: Emma, ​​Florian, Florian, Florian, Andreas, Marina, Felix, Peter, Jane, Charlie, Natalie, Andrew, Nicholas, Tony, Ritu, Ingeburg, Juergen, Henning , Lorenz, Karsten.

Thanks to those who have helped us to enter branding: Catalin, Camelia, Corina, Dan, Crenguta, Anita.

Thank you mentors since 1999: Dan, Siminel, Orlando, Florin, Razvan, Catalin, Dan, Liana.

Thank you colleagues from: Vel Pitar (Berceni Bucharest, Mopariv Ramnicu Valcea, Granpan Tecuci, Panegrano Cluj, Pangran Iasi, Spicul Arges, Gorjpan Targu Jiu) owned by Broadhurst Investments Limited and managed by NCH, Ringier Romania (Liberty, Prosport and Capital), Gazeta Sporturilor, and INTACT Media Group (Antena 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Zu, Romantic fm, National Journal, Income Magazine).