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scandia food rebranding brochure
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scandia food rebranding brand book
scandia food rebranding brand book
scandia food rebranding brand book



Scandia Sibiu was a Romanian food company founded at the beginning of the 20th century, which has continued its activity until nowadays. A respected name in the food industry, Scandia Sibiu has succeeded over the years in creating delicious products and launching successful brands, which are loved by consumers. Their success transformed the company from a local player into a national leader in the canned meat market.


The performance of portfolio brands has led to rapid and complex development of the organization’s structures, major investments for relocating work activities and increasing production capacity. Along with this, the company’s management has set ambitious long-term business goals, from expanding to new product categories and international markets, to the vision of becoming the largest Romanian food company. In this context, it was necessary to redefine the image of the company so as to inspire leadership and trust, both among employees and among partners and consumers. The management of the Scandia Sibiu company called the Seed Consultants* agency alongside the external partner Landor to deal with the rebranding of the corporation.


Seed’s first step was to deepen the history of this brand with tradition, by studying archives from 1900 to the present, understanding product brands and their role in the company’s portfolio, interpreting consumer research and running a program internal and external auditing among the major stakeholders. The insights gained from this stage, along with the strategic and creative workshops with top and middle management of the company, have led to a brand promise aligned with the company’s development goals and the needs of modern consumers: “Life full of flavor!” In the same time has also been taken and the strategic decision to transform Scandia Food’s Scandia Food brand name into Scandia Food to support product portfolio development by new categories, entry into international markets, and removal of local producer perception with expertise in traditional products. The new visual identity of the brand maintains a connection with the previous one through color and the use of script letters as a reminder of the company’s long past, but also brings new and differentiating elements. The logo encompasses the powerful and memorable symbol of the horn of abundance, which conveys the diversity and flavor of the products developed by the company. An antic sign used in visual arts to convey bounty and fertility, the hungry relented hood for Scandia Food suggests the variety of products, the release of senses and emotions, the savor of life itself. The brand’s new identity and visual territory have been introduced to employees in intensive internal branding workshops with the management team and employees. This was the first sign of change in Scandia Food, which was to become an innovative, consumer-oriented company. With the change of identity, the company relocated to a new, modern design with an innovative design, for which Seed designers have also made the environmental branding and transposition of the new brand platform and identity into the workplace and visitor space. This approach has helped embrace the brand’s new identity by employees, understanding and internalizing the company’s new values. For a consistent implementation of the new corporate brand, Seed designers have also created a branding handbook with essential graphical rules for internal and external brand communication, and co-ordinated the Scandia Food launch process, developing all of its branded applications and internal communication materials. Shortly after the launch of the brand, Scandia Food’s visual identity was awarded an award at the American Design Awards international design competition at the Logo Design section. The Scandia Food project was also awarded at the 2012 REBRAND 100® Global Awards.

*The name under which our branding agency operated between 2007 and 2015 was Seed Consultants. We are proud of our roots.




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