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kooperativa brosura portofoliu inoveo
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Analysis and audit

Brand platform

Visual identity

Brand implementation



When I first called Dochita to create a brand for Kooperativa, I did not know exactly what we wanted. Here she has had a tremendous amount of experience and ability to get ideas from us around which the INOVEO team can build the brand. When I first saw the sketches I knew from the very beginning that we were exactly in the right direction.

A few years later we repositioned on the market and again turned to INOVEO, this time for rebranding. The team understood and perfectly guessed the new direction.

We have found INOVEO people a welded team, open to suggestions and ideas and extremely communicative. It was again a real pleasure to work with them. Thanks to Dochita, Lia, Diana and the others in the team with whom we did not get to see each other, but we know that you have put as much soul into this project.

Brandul tau vrea sa fie INOVat?