Although it was the first collaboration with Inoveo on a rather complex project, we found an available professional team, flexible to our requirements and mindful about the organization’s identity. Effective communication at each stage of the project and solving the smallest details has led to the success of this project. The new Electroalfa web site presents in a complete way our products and services, giving users interactive and dynamic ways to interact. The video project focuses on people, the technologies used, and the use of the new management system. It’s not just a change in visual elements but also a good reflection of new business goals.
Manuela Gheorghiu - Brand Manager & PR, Electroalfa


The collaboration with Inoveo began in late 2009 when we chose to do a partnership with an enthusiastic and passionate team, in love with marketing, who is not afraid to create bold brands. We decided then that it was time for a refresh of our company brand, Final Distribution. Inoveo were those that have redefined our brand identity and design. The collaboration has been positive for the direction of our company and the services delivered by Inoveo were excellent. The partnership was then extended for the brand product, and Novatik completion is the result of our company’s portfolio with powerful roof covers 100% manufactured in Romania. The team from Inoveo knew how to create brand identity, so that our product resonates with the target market. We highly recommend Inoveo that operates with integrity and professionalism. They knew how to extract information from us and transposed it into a competitive advantage for our brands, which differentiate us from our competitors.
Thank you INOVEO, thank you Dochita!
Dan Mircescu - General Manager, Final Distribution


We choose to work with Inoveo because they had the most compelling work methodology, namely, before the creation of the new logo and brand values they focused on both internal research “in house “, and in the customers. In conclusion, they convinced us of their working methodology and the process itself lasted one month and a half .
The new visual identity represents us, show what we are and we want to be, Inoveo was able to adjust to our visions and values by addressing the topic in depth. We’re receiving a very positive feed-back, the new visual identity is pleasing to employees, customers and partners.
We are at the beginning in terms of rebranding, but it seems to help a lot in creating an image more relevant in the eyes of our customers, but also help to expand export activity, penetration of foreign markets where customers are more careful to the details of the visual identity.
Inoveo is an ideal partner for companies that want a more strategic approach to branding, not just a logo, not just a piece of clothing that you wear, also the reasons why you wear that piece and how is reflecting your inner values .
We recommend Inoveo to the entrepreneurs with great expectations for their rebranding,who want to move to another level of business.
Istvan Hutton - Co Owner, Metamob


Imagine the beginning: an entire team of four professionals listening in four meetings all you can discuss with a potential client, in this case being us, the ones from Guilty Pleasure – love made chocolate.
I always wondered what a fantastic interior could this people have to have such patience to listen, and then, through a game, relaxation, words close to the soul and our need, to reach what we will love, but will be also passion for our brand.
I recognize now that this state created in us by our countless questions that have found creative real answers, made us desire to continue with Inoveo detriment to other two companies were already courted.
We had very close moments when every shade of color, no matter how thin line or a font of letters, was supported by the team with professional ardor, especially with imagination and innovativeness.
At all meetings thereafter I was fascinated by the inner resource and the unseen creation of Dochita’s team. As dreams and plans are founded step by step, we felt that we have a role and a purpose for brand created by them, so we think that a little of each Inoveo’s team spirit we share in everything they did with immense Dochita’s dedication and everyone in the team.
Roro Stirbu - Chocolate Artizan, Guilty Pleasure


The brand is a key element in the development process of a company. The website is a virtual interface and mirror what is your own business. The choice of partners involved and their development in time is a very important step. The choice led by Dochita Z. team was for us a very pleasant experience. These people completed our skills where they stopped. Continually surprised us with their innovative spirit, creative, dynamic, timeless. I trusted their approach, we were involved in the process of building the brand, I trusted the proposed strategy, vision and expertise. The result of this collaboration: a Romanian brand, built by the romanians for romanians can be found in nationwide hipermakets like Cora, Carrefour, Auchan and Kaufland. Thank you to the whole team who put in pictures and words the vision, passion and our everyday work. From Precistanu, Vrancea!
Viorel Catana - Chief storage unit, DeLivada


I started the project with Dochita thinking that we need rebranding and together we discovered that it was actually necessary to launch a new brand. One that we feel is totally, our development direction. So it needed to be started from scratch. A new identity with a fresh image calibrated to help in increasing the turnover in a consistent manner. And it happened faster and more beautiful than we anticipate. From the name, the logo and then the entire visual identity, things have increasingly trapped outline and crystallized exactly as we wanted. Less than a year after launch, Wellington is already part of our culture, like it had been there forever. That’s because the method they use is so strong that the whole team Wellington is reflected in this new brand created by them. The materials are very strong. Wellington is today an attitude of healthy life that we feel, breath and therefore inspire customers. It is an achievement that I’m sure they could only touch her.
Alina Grozescu - CEO, Wellington