Visual territory of the brand.

Besides name, a brand benefits from a set of "clothes". They translate into a set of elements such as: logo, chromatic, font typology, imagery. The role of visual identity is essential in building a brand, considering that people are very visual. It is the image that contributes significantly to memorizing a brand. Who has not heard "a picture makes a thousand words"? The client needs to know at this stage his competitors and the benchmarks and know what his brand's attributes are. For the development of visual identity, it is necessary to have two stages: analysis and brand strategy. These offer clues to the creative direction. The design must be aligned with the brand strategy. INOVEO has developed over 200 visual identities for start-ups and famous brands that helped reinvent.



We identify the habit and the trends in the category, we develop internal and external individual interviews, we draw conclusions and propose a set of recommendations


We develop the creative routes taking into consideration the information extracted in the previous step


We present the creative routes to the decision maker