How to make your brand speak to the audience in your absence.

If your brand has a good name is not enough. In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) category, the essential role plays the packaging. It is the shelf of the product. Imagine an entire class of students who are in a position to answer a question and only those who are courageous or well know the lesson raises their hand. A brand that did the lesson will pick up the hand and the customer will choose it. For the development of packaging, it is necessary to develop the following steps: market research and analysis of competitive brands and benchmarks, positioning (brand strategy), naming if the brand does not yet have a name and brand architecture.

Our team has developed packaging projects for romanian brands from the pharma, food and cosmetics sector.



We identify the usage and trends in the category, the consumer research, draw conclusions and propose a set of recommendations


We develop the design of the package starting from the informations that were extracted in the previous step.


We present the creative routes to the decision maker