How to bring to life the brand in the work space?

A respectable brand does not limit its graphic line to stationery, brochures, or website. It also expresses itself in the environment in which employees work in offices or commercial spaces. This stage is a continuation of the visual identity by signaling the existence of the respective brand in external and internal signage. The exterior of the building is as important as the interior. Both have to be aligned and follow the principles of disclaiming visual identity. Design projects aim at personalizing reception, individual offices, meeting rooms, working or recreation areas, and commercial spaces. Did you happen to leave a meeting and appreciate the company's headquarters? It means that company has done its homework on environmental branding. And lately, office layout is an important element that business partners take into account when deciding who to work with. Among the environmental branding projects developed by INOVEO, we mention those that have been remarkable by their amplitude: Andu, Volksbank, Petrom City, TAMO'S.



We identify the habit and the trends in the category, we develop internal and external individual interviews, we draw conclusions and propose a set of recommendations


We develop the creative routes taking into consideration the information extracted in the previous step


We present the creative routes to the decision maker