Branding is the path, the road or the highway that an enterprise chooses to remove the distance between the product and the brand.


We want to lunch a new product on the market

The launch of a product can be easily compared to the first encounter between two people who did not know before. As a rule, we present with our first name and surname and a little story about us, where we are, what we do, what we like or do not like, what we want. So the newly released product needs a name, something visual, like a person's face to be easier to remember, and his story, as well, to make it easier to remember. We are actually talking about the visual identity of the new product: name, logo, slogan, packaging, positioning or mission, vision and values. All this because we humans are very visual. INOVEO has developed stories for both small brands and large brands.

The existing product has greater potential

A few years after launch, the product grows, but not at the wanted level

Often we are going to launch a product as we know best. We have a quality product, many times much better than the competitors' products. We launch it with minimal resources by inviting friends and family to name it, make a website and a logo for it. The product is well received on the market, but after a few years we feel that something does not work the way we wanted it to be. It's like when you feel bad, but you do not know what's wrong with you. You go to control, the doctor makes your anamnesis, asks you all kind of looks from childhood, mother, father and grandmothers and then prescribes a prescription. And in branding the issue can have several causes: it may be a new competitor who has entered the market and took you out of customers, it may be strong customers who have very large advertising budgets, it can be a positioning wrong launch or total lack thereof, may be a price mismatch with the product or sufficient market penetration. If we talk about a consumer product, it can be an unattractive packaging or does not have the information the customer is looking for. It could also be a very wide range of products launched one by one over a period of time in the desire to meet the needs of a distributor or a buyer, but which in time generates inefficiency. Or there may be more portfolio products that need to be positioned correctly and this should be seen in both packaging and communication. It may be one of these combinations or a combination or situations not mentioned here. For each we recommend an individualized recipe based on the particularity of the situation. INOVEO has been working on such projects for both small brands and large brands. Most of the time these situations fall under rebranding or brand management.

Acquisition or merger between two companies

When two or more companies merge, we have a situation quite similar to marriage. One of them will pick up the name of the other, continue with both names, or prefer to choose a new name. Depends on context. When the Piraeus Bank brand was acquired by the investment group J.C. Flowers Bank has gone through a great rebranding process. The new entity thus formed has been given a new name, FIRST BANK, and a new visual identity: logo, manifestation, a new image of agencies, branches and ATMs, a new voice and a new show for domestic and foreign audiences.

The merger between two companies requires a pleasant environment and internal communication with employees

At the merger between OMV Group and Petrom, the management decided to move all its employees into a single building. To make the transition from one headquarters to another easier, INOVEO has been committed to identify various interior design elements that convey the values ​​of the new organization, while facilitating navigation through the building. Employees are a very important factor for business development: if they feel good and work hard and figures can grow more easily.

A brand needs notoriety to perform

If you have a genius in the house who plays the piano perfectly in the classroom or at home, he remains a genius for a limited circle of knowledge and friends. If he performs at the Bucharest Athenaeum or at the Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna, we are already talking about something else. Many Romanian companies are launching on the market and after a few years they feel they are performing at the same level. Many of them are struggling with a fierce competition that invests heavily in advertising. Others are struggling with internationally recognized brands. It does not mean that our brand is not on the market. It is important to get out and tell our story to be heard by as many as possible. Launching communication is a step towards our client. If I said "Hello", I will most often answer. If I please, I will go unnoticed. That's the way it works with brands. Those who are trying to communicate with their audience have more chances of success. But communication does not mean something sporadic and opportunistic. It takes a careful analysis and the right message is sent to the desired audience. And the media channel plays an important role because it has to be carefully chosen depending on the time of our brand, depending on the company's financial resources.

We import brands that we don't own

Companies who are importing goods often face the dilemma of what they are doing, investing in a brand that is not mine? What if I lose my exclusivity in the market? Have we invested in vain? "A solution would be to build your own brand, your brand, on which you have all the rights. Such a brand can grow rapidly and by transferring brand capital from the imported brand, which carries out all your company to the one you are just about to launch. This is the case for Final Distribution Company in the construction market that imports the Gerard roof brand, the Delta brand of roofing and the Keylite brand of attic windows and has developed its own Novatek brand. It's important to invest heavily in your company's image because you are the interface with distributors, customers and at some point it's possible that the brand owner wants to buy you because you have a good position in the market. The better your image, the more your company's value grows.

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